What people said about NT

Below are some actual quotes from people at Number Tournament:

"It was a very fun and exciting event!"

"We will definitely come back; and next year we hope to support more the event. Let us know how can we help the event!"

"Our students really enjoyed all the games, and even today they kept practicing the game 24 (they were saying they would do better next year)"

"I also wanted you to know that Sam had an amazing time at the tournament! He came without a team, met really nice kids and learned so much from them. Thank you for making this happen!"

"The kids were super engaged, sharing ideas with each other. My son learned a lot and left extremely excited to share what he had learned with friends and family."

"I hope that you continue with this tournament. I would like to bring a team rather than just an individual next year."

"Thank you for the invite. It was our first year and my daughter enjoyed it. :)"